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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Miss. You.

Miss. You he says, laying his head against my shoulder. He has to lean far to his right from where he sits in the dinning room chair but he does it anyway.

He says it all the time now. When I come home from being out. When I walk into the kitchen in the mornings. When I have been gone from his sight, if only for a minute.

He doesn't just say it to me. He says it when we arrive home and find that Grandma is out for groceries. He says it as he waits for his aunt and uncle to arrive from out of town. He says it when the husband is at work. He tells the girl as soon as she arrives home from school.

He misses everyone. He misses all of us. I imagine he would like us all clustered together on the couch. He would go from one to another giving us hugs and kisses. He would lay his head against our shoulders. Miss. You he would say.


  1. My kids are like that too. If I go out for the evening, they keep telling DH how much they miss me. If he goes out for the evening, they talk about how much they miss him. If both of us are there, then they miss Grannie or they miss Carly (our cat who went missing 5 months ago) or their aunt, or their friend or someone else.

  2. This made me miss having little ones. They can be so sweet.