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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This is when I start to watch the clock. I will glance over every few minutes, hoping that a time warp has occurred and it is now 5pm. That any minute the husband will be walking through the door.

My bag of tricks is empty. We have painted. Cut with scissors. Visited the park. Read books. Baked cookies. Run around in circles. We have done everything and anything for the last nine hours.

I feel myself getting twitchy. The same way I feel when I wake too early and I am waiting for my cup of coffee to brew. I know I just need to get through these next few seconds, minutes.

But I am done.


  1. You're good. I start checking around 1:32 ;)

  2. I remember just being completely done by 4pm and listening for the sound of the car. Those are long long days. So wonderful and so exhausting and draining.