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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Travel companions

I left the gas station convenience store clutching a small bag of chips, a bag of pretzels and a root beer. Heading back to the car I started to feel optimistic. This was sure to make me feel better.

I climbed back into the front seat and we drove off. I felt guilty about the last stop knowing it was late and we were all eager to finish our long drive. The two in the back seat closed their eyes and rested quietly while the car weaved around the trucks driving with us on the highway.

It had been her idea to try the chips. At our second stop, she suggested I eat whatever caught my eye. It's what your body wants she said. So I stood morosely along the snack aisles, peeking out from under the hood of my sweatshirt that was pulled low over my head. Nervous to try anything, but still desperately hungry.

Finally, I selected a bag of Old Dutch potato chips, like any loyal ex-Winnipegger should. Settled back in the front seat I opened the bag cautiously. Soon I was licking the salt off each chip and devouring them quickly. When I found myself eyeing her bottle of pop sitting in the front seat cup holder near me I knew another stop was necessary. All in the name of me not throwing up in the car, of course.

The mistake I made was eating as soon as we started driving away from the hotel. My body was exhausted after a busy day and little sleep the night before. Even the make-up I had done at the conference, while making me almost unrecognizable to myself, could not hide my blood shot eyes. My body didn't like being so tired. It didn't like the food. It didn't like the turning and starting and stopping as we made our way slowly out of Toronto.

We had to make our first stop at a coffee shop just outside the city so I could try to relieve the car sickness somewhere other then the nice, clean car. It was a blessing and curse when I was unsuccessful. I threw up enough when I was pregnant with the boy that I am reluctant and bitter about ever having to do it again.

When the nausea overtook me I felt a sudden rush of sympathy for the girl. I opened my car window and snuggled into her pillow, willing myself not to throw up. I resolved to bring the girl's chewable Gravol with me on my next car trip.

Most of all I resolved to always travel with such kind, understand and caring travel companions. Thanks.


  1. I find those pressure bands you can get for your wrists help me A LOT. I've seriously cut down on the the amount of ginger pills and Gravol I buy since I got those.

  2. I (unfortunately) understand nausea all too well and I can almost guarantee I would have been in an identical boat if I'd eaten. As it was, I was really green. I'm glad the advice led you to the chips. I'm glad we were with understanding friends too. And next week, sleep is a priority! :)

  3. I'm glad it passed and that the last part of the trip was less uncomfortable for you. And thank you for reminding me of what it felt like to be pregnant, you've staved me off of the idea of a 3rd for a little while longer.

  4. My kids and husband all get motion sickness. We always have plenty of chewable Gravol on hand. The motion bands unfortunately don't work for them.
    Just make sure to take your Gravol 30-60 minutes before travel. You can take smaller amounts by breaking the pill up and see if just a bit helps or you need the whole dose.

  5. And my apologies as the driver that I had to weave in and out make turns to get out of Toronto. Knowing how it is having motion sickness myself. I was thankful that you felt better and was able to keep me company while others rested up in the back. But, if I may say you were all perfect car companions.

  6. Mmm, Old Dutch chips. I recognize the feeling hungry is an odd reaction to this post, but as a loyal British Columbian I will always be an Old Dutch girl. So. Good.

  7. just to be clear, this was motion sickness right? And not the "other" kind of sickness...

  8. Motion sickness is the pits. I've had it my whole life...I keep hoping I'll 'grow' out of it ;) Here's to getting lots of sleep next week!