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Sunday, October 24, 2010


I stood in the kitchen of a friend's house cutting vegetables and wondering when it was that I became the adult. She ran around the house, weaving in and out between the grownup legs. I remember when that was me.

In the middle of the music and the singing our eyes locked. She smiled at me, with her mouth, with her eyes. She shone her joy out from the centre of her heart and I felt it across the room. She turned away to resume her dancing and left the smile on my face.

Before dinner I sat on the couch, a sick boy cuddled in my arms. He moved aside the top of my shirt so he could lay his fevered head against my skin. I wrapped him tighter in the blanket and pulled the girl in closer beside me.


  1. Beautiful. Do you ever still feel like the child, in a grown up's shoes? I do.

  2. Ah, its been a while since I've been by but you are still lovely.