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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Say it

Say it out loud.
Tell me I am not alone.
Admit it.
I want to hear it.
This is hard.
It's not just me.
Say it.



  2. Parenting is the hardest job on the planet! You aren't alone. Now give those two wonderful kids a hug and kiss.

  3. I've said it before but I'll certainly say it again. Not easy. Very hard. You aren't alone.

  4. Not easy. Very hard. But the rewards are the focus. The love is the focus.

    You are not alone

  5. You're not alone. I promise! I loved this and totally related to it! As mothers it is so easy to feel isolated. But we all have days like this.

  6. You are so not alone! It's easy to feel that way sometimes though, I know. You're at a tough point on the path- I promise you it gets better. I was so not into toddlerhood but 5-10 has been amazing.

  7. Didn't we have just this conversation a few months back at the Wine bar? You said it for me then and i'm saying it for you now. so hard. hardest thing we'll do. but so great, which you capture all the time here. i'm here for you if you want a session of commiseration!

  8. Thanks everyone.

    I wrote this a few moths ago after talking with a friend but never posted it. We had talked about the importance of being honest about motherhood and our struggles. When other moms tell us they find it hard too it suddenly seems easier.

    October has been better then September but when the girl threw up all over herself in the car on the way home from a playdate this morning, I reached a breaking point. Another oe. :-)

    And then it seemed like the right time to share this post.

  9. LOL Donna! You beat me to the comment. I must have been taking too long. I blame the n on my keyboard sticking!

  10. What? You don't enjoy scrubbing puke and poo from carpets, floors, walls, furniture, cars, etc...? grabbing kids by the ONLY clean spot you can find and dragging them kicking and screaming to the bathtub to hose them down? listening to WHINING for about 16 out of a 24 hour day because they don't get what they want, get what they want RIGHT NOW, or get what HE/SHE is having? getting slapped in the face, kicked in the knee, or having to wave your arms in front of your face to guard it against toys, food, or other projectiles being flung at you by a child having a MAJOR temper tantrum...or my ABSOLUTE favorite staying up ALL NIGHT because you can't just go to sleep and leave a wide awake 2 yr old roaming the house alone, so you take short naps on the sofa waiting, waiting, waiting for just a yawn??!!! yeah, me neither!

    You are SOOOOO NOT ALONE!! :D

  11. lovely post - resonated with me today. and... you are NOT alone! :)

  12. Days are longs, years so very short. Breathe. Walk. Return.

  13. The bodily functions aspect of mothering is overwhelming to say the least. H just peed in the middle of the kitchen the other day. Why? Cuz he could, I guess. It took every shred of control I had not to lose it on him because I had just cleaned up cat barf out of the hallway, too. Haha. When they hand us our babies they should also give us hasmat suits and a Valium.

    Joking aside, you are most definitely NOT ALONE. Not even remotely. xxoo

  14. It is not just you.
    It is the hardest job on EARTH.
    It's 24 hours, 7 days a week hard.
    It's never-ending.
    It is emotional.
    It's hearbreaking.
    It's headache enducing.
    It's tiring.
    (And it's also the greatest job on earth, too... but...)
    It's hard. So very hard.