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Monday, October 11, 2010


She asked for a piece, just like she did last night. Because it is a treat. Because it is special. Because it is pie.

I watched her closely. I started at her as the forkful of pumpkin pie disappeared into her mouth. Immediately a smile appeared on her face. A big smile. A determined smile. The grin stayed plastered in place as the rest of her face contorted in disgust. Her nose wrinkled. Her forehead frowned. Her eyes betrayed her desire to spit out the foul tasting orange coloured "food".

She didn't. Instead I watched her as she moved the pie around in her mouth. Back and forth. Side to side. Swallowing as soon as a piece was small enough.

Smiling all the time. But refusing a second bite.


  1. Mmmmm, pumpkin pie is my favourite!

  2. So funny! Kids are all over the place on the pumpkin pie. We bought our pie from a great bakery, and it was spicy, almost hot. Topped with amazing spiced whip cream. My son licked the filling off the pastry! His toddler buddy, wouldn't even try it.

  3. I feel her pain. I always try pumpkin pie thinking that this it the year I'm going to like it. Every year I go through exactly what you describe she did LOL!

    I'm a "capital mom" too! It's nice to run into another blogger from the 'hood...

  4. I think pumpkin pie is an acquired taste. Maybe next year she will grow to like it.
    So cute!

  5. my kids love. so much so that crustless pie is called pudding and much loved.

  6. I'm with Karen, pumpkin pie is not my thing. I finally realized that I only eat it to get the whipped cream. Now I just add that to my coffee and skip the pie.

    Maybe next year you should offer her the choice - pie or whipped cream. Wonder which she will choose!! :)