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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Things are getting better the further away we get from September. My equilibrium is slowly being restored with every boring routine day that passes. I love boring, routine days.

A note home from the teacher yesterday caught me off guard. Notes home make me feel like the girl is perceived to be a bad kid and me a bad parent. The reason for the note sure didn't make her look good. To my surprise the girl had bitten a boy in her class while they sat together for circle time. The girl is not a biter so this came as a shock. In her note the teacher mentioned the girl had said she was pretending. When the husband asked her that evening, she said again that she was pretending. Pretending that the boy was a piece of bread.

I almost laughed out loud at that. She once gave a not too different explanation as to why she had bitten her brother.

Maybe I am just feeling the change in the seasons and the decrease in light, but I am tired. Tiredness combined with the note home titled my equilibrium yesterday and resulted in a lot of yelling. And by a lot I mean more then normal which is none.

Today the rain is causing me to think about last winter. It was long. It was hard. I ate a lot of cupcakes.

I am hoping this winter will be easier. Because despite my earlier assertions and the fact that I sometimes have to stop and wonder if I am crazy, I will be home again with the kids this winter. If nothing else my folly at somehow becoming, and choosing to be, a stay-at-home mom is reason enough to make me smile today. 


  1. the girl can never talk to V, as I'm sure V would think that is the best excuse ever (and ok I chuckled a lot).
    Hopefully this winter will be better, maybe with them a year older you can all chase the blahs away...

  2. Dear Parent,

    I think your daughter is brilliant and hilarious. Not to worry!

    An experienced nanny

  3. Dear Anonymous/ Experienced Nanny,

    You are now my favorite person ever. You made my day. Plus, I think I love you.

    Capital Mom

  4. Oh girl, their imaginations get the best of them sometimes don't they. My M can be the same way. He has recently been pushing D2 over and when I asked him what he was thinking he said "my brain told me not to but my arms just did it anyway!" I tried not to laugh at that one too. Kids.

    I hope this winter is better. I wish I was off to spend some of it with you. Maybe I can sneak a day of work here and there to meet you guys for play dates :)

  5. LOL DS told me he bit his brother because he wanted him to follow after him. Er, realy? I like the bread idea better though. Whatever rolls around in their minds all day...
    I will come and drink Second Cup with you this winter and we can share in our craziness.

  6. you should head over to ninja mom and see what's going on with her DD and biting! so you've decided to stay at home longer? that's great. how does the husband feel about not being a stay at home dad for a while longer?

  7. I also *heart* boring, routine days.

    Love the "I was pretending he was a piece of bread." Parenthood is one big laugh track.

  8. Try not to think too much about winter just yet, really it's only been Autumn for just over 3 weeks!

    I know this winter will be better than last. You have all kinds of new friends, and new blogs that will provide ample distraction ;)

    If all else fails, I will bring you cupcakes.