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Monday, October 18, 2010

Lego man

Grr says the Lego man from where he lies on the dirty kitchen counter beside the sink. Or that is what I imagine he would say if he could talk. The scowl on his face suggests he was ripped from the middle of a tense encounter, maybe with some cowboys or vikings, and tossed onto the counter in passing. His brows are furrowed. His frown is barely visible from underneath his large moustache. He is cranky.

I know just how he feels.

I spent over an hour this morning cleaning the main floor while the girl was at school and the boy amused himself. And by that I mean he stayed one step ahead of me by creating new messes for me to clean up. I tidied, I organized, I vacuumed. My house is almost clean. I am sure it looks like yours at its messiest.

I can't keep up. Most of the time I don't bother. Some days I just can't face being Sisyphus one more minute longer. So I let the stickers stay stuck to the floor. The walls aren't wiped free of crayon. The toys aren't picked up. The laundry isn't put away. The table isn't wiped clean.

My boulder stays at the bottom on the hill. And I sit on top of it going Grr just like the Lego man.


  1. I've got a Grr or three in me myself. Cleaning just feels so FUTILE.

  2. clean houses are over rated, and i am slightly suspicious of the people who live in them.

  3. 'eeeek' i say running back to my house in fear of the 'grrr' who is that crazy lady who writes tidy-up tuesdays ;)

  4. I hear ya, sista! Nevermind. I never get as much pleasure out of a clean house as I get from a happy child. Enjoy the moments, mess and all.

  5. I KNOW I would WIN the messiest house contest!! Although, I do clean the crayon off the peeve!! I spent TWO HOURS with the magic eraser on SHARPIE, when my oldest was two and decided that yellow walls MUST look better with BLACK Sharpie drawings! One day, I'll just paint the walls black and be done with it...but then they would discover that white crayon DOES have a purpose!! HA!!