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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I ask him lots of things. What his name is. What he wants for a snack. What colours his shirt is. How old he is.

How old are you? I would say to him.

Three! he would say, drawing out the vowels.

No I would tell him. You aren't three. Your sister is there. How old are you?

Four he would tell me once his sister was four.

No I would reply. You aren't four. You are one!

Then he would hold up one finger just like he does when he wants to persuade us that more, more, one more minute.

When I asked him today how old he was he said Two! is a singsong voice. It's your birthday I told him.

Happy birthday.


  1. Aside from the 'every age is the best age', which it still sort of is, I ADORE two. Happy one.

  2. the boys are so close! how did i not realize that? alex turned 2 on august 30th! and your little guy shares my sister's birthday...which is a day before mine:( ( today). happy birthday little virgo!

  3. Happy Birthday, two is awesome, but tell him not to be in such a hurry *g*

  4. Happy birthday to your baby boy!