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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tomato soup

I made the soup while the boy napped and the girl watched a video. It was only 11 am but the boy was tired so I had tucked him into his bed earlier then usual. His sister, who had been clamouring moments before for me to take her to the park, grew excited when I mentioned it was nap time for her brother. Now? she asked as I changed his diaper. He should nap now she said, motivated not by kindness but thoughts of curling up on the couch with her favorite video.

I didn't have all the ingredients so I improvised a bit. I took pleasure in the chopping and the stirring and the smells that soon filled the kitchen. I looked forward to eating one of my favorite comfort foods from my childhood.

The soup was ready by the time the boy woke up. I filled two bowls covered in multicoloured hearts with hot soup for the kids. While the soup cooled I herded the kids to the table. With their bowls already on the table, I set mine down and a bag of store bought croutons next to it. I climbed over the back of my chair and squeezed myself between the table and the chair. Between the girl and the boy. There we sat, the three of us all squished together on the long side of our rectangular table.  Eating our tomato soup.


  1. I think that may be one of my favourite posts of yours. I nearly started crying at the end. You fill the scene up so much it's like I'm sitting there, squished in with the three of you.

    I have never made tomato soup in my life. And now I really want to.

  2. this is making my working mom heart hurt the most because lunchtime is what I'm missing the most!