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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Set of three

She pulls the white envelope out of her backpack on the walk home from the school bus. Look she says. She flaps the envelop in the air while I try to grab it. I herd the kids up the stairs and into the house while simultaneously peeking at the pictures stuck to the back of the envelope. Her first school pictures.

In each one she smiles. Wearing a white shirt against a blue background, we had forgotten it was picture day, she smiles. Each of her smiles are different.

In the first picture her smile is tentative. It looks a bit forced, as if she is unsure why she is sitting in the gym in front of a strange lady and being asked to smile. She relaxes in the second picture. Learning forward, she looks directly into the camera and smiles sweetly. In the third picture she sticks her neck out, tilting her head slightly to her left and the cheeky grin she wears on her face is mirrored in her eyes.

That's my girl.  

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  1. We got our school pictures back today. And the cheeky grin ones are by far my favourite. You've got to love a good cheeky grin.