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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Saying what he wants to say

Two big bites he said to me as he walked into the kitchen. I stood at the stove, spooning risotto onto my plate  but I stopped and laughed as soon as I heard him. Words strung together so carefully in response to my request to eat his dinner. He let me know that he had eaten some. He was done. He wanted dessert.

While I sat across the table from him watching him eat a bowl of yogurt and frozen berries I thought about the words he has been saying. The way he has been saying them. One by one by one he has been stringing them into short sentences. He has been clearly pronouncing his sister's name. He has been saying what he wanted to say.

This morning at the grocery store I watched his sister play with the long packets of chewing gum hanging from a rack. Before I could say anything, the boy turned towards her from his seat at the front of the shopping cart. No no no he said wagging his finger at her. Just like I do.


  1. I used to always say "no touching" or "no whatever" so the kids heard no lots but got a different ending and I hoped it would make them listen to what I was saying instead of tuning out at the "no". I'm still working on it and I'll let you know if it worked when they are 18. LOL!

  2. Too cute! It always made me giggle when I heard my kids starting to talk and saying things like "that's not nice!". It was then that I REALLY had to be very careful what I said around them :)