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Friday, September 17, 2010


When I started blogging I surprised myself.

I am a pretty private person. I keep things to myself. I am careful, cautious, sometimes reluctant about sharing bits of myself.

Then I started blogging. I wrote out my feeling and thoughts, sometimes writing things I wouldn't tell my friends. I convinced myself that I was blogging about the kids, not about me. But really, it was both.

I started blogging anonymously. No first name for me, the husband or the kids. I felt safe hiding behind a picture of the boy's ten toes. No one would know it was me.

I am realizing anonymity only lasts so long. Bit by bit I have been outing myself. First meeting some other local bloggers in person, joining Twitter and going to meetups, watching my social circle of local bloggers expand, launching a parenting blog with a friend and writing for it, attending a blogging conference. Every time I introduce myself and say my real name I out myself.

Today we went on television to talk about Kids in the Capital. The host said my name, the camera filmed me, the clip is on Youtube. There is no going back. I am out. 

It feels weird. A bit strange. But also good.


  1. hooray for outing yourself! LOL. hope to catch that interview online somewhere as i missed it this a.m.

  2. Weird but good sounds right :) I'm glad you're out - I have fun doing stuff with you IRL

  3. And you guys did so fabulous on the news! I would have been a stumbly and sounding weird but not you. Gosh for coming out you sure did it in Style :)

  4. Wow, that's awesome! I had A-Morning on this morning as I was getting ready for work... Looks like I missed you by about 10 minutes! Congrats for coming Out in a really great way! :-)

  5. yes you are definitely way out now. but it's a good thing. especially when you are doing such a good thing. many kudos to you and lara.

  6. I have been out from the get-go. And it does present some challenges, because I definitely share things in a different way on my blog than I would in person. People who don't blog sometimes google me and read my blog before we meet and it's odd. It changes the dynamic.

    But, still, I wouldn't change things. Being open with my identity keeps me playing nicely. I can't succumb to the temptation of griping about family issues or that sort of thing.

  7. The clip was fantastic! You guys did a great job. I know I'm happy to know you IRL :)

  8. Must be hard to keep the cover going. I sometimes wish I'd started anonymously but it's obviously too late for that now!