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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It's been almost a year since we last saw him. He ran out the door, under my mother-in-law's car and down the street. Into the night.

We brought Odin home from the Humane Society back in 2003. We thought our other cat Princess (named by the Humane Society where we found her) would like some company. She didn't. She hated Odin. She hated him like she was a cool teenage girl and he was an annoying younger brother. She hissed at him, she swatted him, she ran away from him.

He loved her. Her intense and constant dislike for Odin never swayed his love for her. He always went back for more, as if he was convinced that this time she would finally play with him. Finally love him.

Odin was the perfect cat for kids. He was interested in the new baby we brought home four years ago. He would sit next to me while I nursed the girl. He would lay nearby on the floor while she rolled around. He would let her chase him when she learnt to crawl.

A favorite activity for both of them was for the girl to launch herself onto his back and squish him into the ground. She would lay her whole body over him while he purred happily. The boy did this too. He just didn't get the chance to do it for very long.

Odin was always an outdoor cat until he met us. He was found out in the countryside and from the beginning he tried as hard as he could to be outside. He would run through our legs when we opened the door. He would scratch at the windows. He would cry at the door.

When the boy was born we were too tired to fight him anymore. We got him a collar, made sure his shots were up to date and opened the door to his freedom.

The husband looked for Odin for weeks after he disappeared. He made trips to the Humane Society, even though our cat had a tracking chip and they would have our information if he was brought there. The husband put up posters around the neighbourhood. He went on long walks looking for any sign of Odin.

I liked to think that Odin had wandered too far away from home and couldn't find his way back. A lovely family with lots of kids found him and fell so deeply in love with his crazy spirit that they couldn't bare to give him up. So he stayed there, curled up on a warm lap.

As I left the house this morning in the pouring rain to walk to the bus stop and pick up the girl after Kindergarten I was told that one of our neighbours' cat had been found. We call him The Friendly Grey Cat because, well, he is grey and friendly. The cat had been missing for a few weeks. We heard the news. We saw the posters.

His people found him at the Human Society. His leg was damaged and he had to undergo surgery. His leg fur was rubbed raw and maggots had infected the wound when the Humane Society had found him abandoned on the street. He had wandered into someones animals traps. He had been wounded and those people with the traps, people the neighbours have identified and whose house I can see from my window, moved him and left him. They left him on the street to die.

Is that what happened to Odin? Was he hurt and wounded only meters from our backdoor? Did the people with the traps find him and move him somewhere far away from us? Did they leave him on the street to die?

I can't stop thinking about him. In my heart I know this is what happened. It sounds like truth to me.  


  1. OMG! People have animal traps in their backyard??? What kind of world do we live in!

    I really hope that is NOT what happened to Odin. Let's imagine something else...

  2. ...heart...breaking...!

    I am so sorry for your loss and completely understand the feeling: I've sadly lost two cats who've run away and never come home. Both were pretty much the same as Odin, outdoor cats we'd tried to keep indoors and eventually just let them out.

    Last year we lost my dear cat Minou, she was 13 and had had a heart condition her whole life, so I'm told that cats do sometimes run away to die. I hate, hate, hate to think that something malicious happened to her, but the worst part is I'll never know.

    After being through that twice, I promise if I ever find a sick or even dead pet I'll take every step necessary to help identify the owner. I think it's a simple as calling the Humane Society.

  3. @Linda Thes peope have a big garden. All I can think is that they use the traps to catch racoons or other animals stealing the food from the garden. I have since called the Humane Society and they said people are allowed to have humane traps on thier own property. But I don't think a trap that catches a cat's leg or paw is humane.

  4. @Kelly I am so sorry for you too. Pets are like part of the family and so their loss is so deeply felt. I think you hit it right on the head when you said the hard part is never knowing. That's what I find hardest. When I let myself stop and think about it.

  5. Holy crow! What kind of traps are they using? We've been trying to catch the same three "problem" cats that are damaging our property -- so I can understand people wanting to trap nuisance cats who are left to roam at large, instead of being kept indoors or on a leash. Our traps are "safe", though, and the same type that the Humane Society uses. They wouldn't do something like that. That's terrible!

    And if they're setting a trap and not monitoring it, that's just incredibly irresponsible. If there's any proof that they're intentionally trapping and leaving them trapped, you should contact the City. If they are using a trap with "teeth", I'm pretty sure that it's illegal within city limits.

    FWIW, if we catch a cat we contact the owner, if possible, or the City if there isn't a collar. I've walked the same "escapee" house cat home on several occasions! I've also trapped a skunk that was living under our step -- we thought we had a groundhog. :p

  6. that's so terrible. why do your neighbours have traps? what are they trying to catch? The police should make them stop ...particulary after what happened to your other neighbour's cat. I am imagining Odin is with a happy family and is well loved.

  7. @refashionista The owners of the grey cat saw the traps when they were walking the streets looking for the cat. We are going to check them out later.I beleive the owners of the grey cat have made a complaint.

    If they had only knocked on our door and told us that Odin was bothering them/ their garden, we would have kept him inside.

  8. We are struggling with our own little Odin right now. We've had him since he was a kitten but he has a wild spirit and wants to be outside. Our older female cat hates him and we've waited 3 months with no change. Everytime we let him outside we go out with him. He runs down the street with no idea about dogs or mean people.
    Try to imagine Odin somewhere happy where ever he is.

  9. I'm so sorry to hear this, Brie. My thoughts are with you and your family. I really hope this is not what happened and fingers crossed a happy ending will still occur.

  10. I'm so sorry to hear this. And I sincerely hope that this is not what happened to your Odin. :(

  11. Thanks everyone. I hope that this didn't happen to him, but, I don't know I am very worried it did.

  12. in remember your posts about his fleeing. i can't believe it's been a year!

    don't torture yourself about what happened to odin, because you will never know. and why do it because the chances of him being hurt are just as high as the chances of him sleeping comfortably on some little old lady's lap. perhaps a shut in that doesn't get out much. she left him a bowl of milk one day and he decided that she needed him more than you guys. think those thoughts, as he would like to be remembered.

  13. I choose to believe he is somewhere happy too!

  14. You know I am feeling for you!! It has been almost 4 weeks since we "lost" our sweet Floyd and Peggy...I've been to the pound every week, getting my hopes up that they are luck. So, a friend of mine called me this past week and said, "ya know that Thursdays are THE day at the pound know!" Which made me high tail it even faster for my weekly "visit"...I had been going on Wednesdays and didn't think about THAT day! so anyway, get there with my hopes and luck again, but THE day wearing heavy on my heart as I looked at all of these poor creatures, unsuspecting! Needless to say, I walked out with a NEW friend! Abby is an 8 yo lab/ golden retriever mix...sweet, sweet and is happy with us...her new family!! I will still make my weekly visits, but will probably always wonder like you..and hope for the best!!
    So sorry for your loss. xo

  15. That is so incredibly sad. I am an animal lover too. I have two cats and have rescued countless strays from the streets. I can't believe your neighbors would just let him die out there like that. How awful!