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Sunday, September 26, 2010


On Friday I cut the kids' hair. That's right. I didn't take them to have their haircut, I did it myself. Last time we went to a hair salon and there were too many tears.

Don't look so worried! It turned out great. I trimmed the girl's bangs and took a few inches off the bottom. She asked for the same haircut as her brother but I said no.

What to see what the boy looks like with his new haircut? I blogged about opening Salon Mom over at Kids in the Capital.

I may even starting taking clients. Anyone want me to cut their kids' hair?


  1. I would totally take you up on it if we were closer. I hate taking my crying toddler to the kids' cut place. HATE it.

  2. you know, I did the SAME thing!! I tried at the salon with the boy, but after a THIRD unsuccessful time of having to pay FULL PRICE for a BANG TRIM, I said NO MORE!! I pulled out the clippers and went to town. I used the longest attachment thingie and it turned out pretty good. The ears are what gets me...any advice, he is in need of a trim??!! :D

  3. Go you! I've cut Ari's hair a few times, but mostly leave it up to his dad to do. You're awesome! It's really hard to take them to a salon, because there are a lot of tears. Keep up the great work!