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Monday, September 20, 2010

Gabba Go Gabba

When the balloons fell from the ceiling she rushed for them. Out of her seat, past me and down the aisle. I paused for a moment and then headed after her, worried that she would be lost in the crowd of small children and not be able to find her way back to me. For a few moments I couldn't see her through the darkness. Then she straightened up clutching a blue balloon.

We went back to our seats but that didn't last long. No longer afraid of the noise and crowd, no longer nervous about the brightly coloured costumed dancers on the stage, she tore out of her seat once the bubbled filled the air. Up to the front of the stage she went. To the area that would be a mosh pit if the kids were only ten years older.

She and I sat up by the stage for the rest of the show. She sat on the ground cross legged and tilted her head straight back so she could see the dancers. When it was time to sing the goodbye song she cried. Sitting in my lap she cried because she didn't want the concert to end.

I won tickets to the concert from Bunch. Thank you.


  1. we were there too! When the bubbles came down little Nay was in heaven!

  2. It's never fun to have so much fun end :)
    Thank you for including us in an amazing outing!

  3. It was an awesome show! The balloons dropping was a highlight for my little one also!