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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dress up

What's this she asks me picking the small container off my dresser table. It's lipstick I tell her. And then I tell her what lipstick is.

I don't dress up much. My daily uniform is one of functionality. I wear clothes that don't show the sand I sit in everyday at the park. Clothes that don't show the snot wiped on me when they lean in for a hug. Clothes that withstand spilt tomato sauce and yogurt.

As I rushed about my bedroom trying to find clothes dressy enough for my short appearance on television I let her play with the lipstick. She watched herself in the mirror while she used the stick to apply the coloured gloss to her lips. She applied some to my lips. And the area surrounding my mouth. She painted some on her brothers lips.

Not on your cheeks I said. Not on your brother's arms I said. Not on your legs I said. Finally when I found myself saying not on your feet I took the lipstick away. Thankfully, I had picked out an outfit by then.

I dressed up on Friday. I wore a black skirt and red top. I wore stocking. I dug some coloured lip balm out of an old purse. I did something to my hair that might be considered a style. I put on my new birthday earrings from my mother-in-law.

People noticed. My sister noticed the earrings when she watched the YouTube video. Friends said I looked nice. It was nice to hear.

When another birthday package arrived later that day from my dad and stepmom I put on the pink pearl necklace contained inside right away. I wore it with my new earrings and my semi-styled hair. I wore it with my grey yoga pants and blue long sleeve t-shirt. I wore it even as the girl tugged on it and the boy grabbed at my earrings. I wore it to the park while I sat in the sand and build castle after castle.


  1. there is no reason why you can't add a little nice stuff, even when going to the park or the library. it makes you feel good, doesn't it?

  2. you are a CELEBRITY!! :D You looked really nice on camera...sooooo much younger than I would have thought!! It has got to be the "wise beyone your years" writing!! Great job!

    Oh..did I miss your bday? Happy belated...I'm sooo behind on my blog reading! Sorry!