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Monday, September 27, 2010

Crying and throw up

The girl came home crying from school. She doesn't want to go. She wants to stay with us.

The crying started before she left her class. She cried on the bus. She cried in my arms.

I'm not scared of the bus she said I'm scared of school.

I feel caught between not knowing how to help her and like her difficulty adjusting is somehow my fault. Like we made some mistake along the way raising her. And then I think, is this really such a big deal? Aren't all kids having trouble adjusting to school for the first time?

She was fine this afternoon. Happy. Her normal self. Which was a good thing because her brother suddenly got sick and spent the afternoon throwing up.

Tomorrow we will wake up and do it all again.


  1. Oh dear! Sounds a little like what Miss M was feeling! Yesterday, her friend/helper didn't see her on the bus and she had to get off by herself so she cried and felt scared again. The girl saw her later and apologized, but this morning was hard, trying to explain that her helper will see her this time. She didn't want to go. I don't know when she'll get over feeling this way, but hopefully soon!

    Did anything in particular happen to The Girl yesterday? Was someone mean to her? Poor thing! I hope this morning was better!

  2. I'm hearing a lot about kids starting to balk after a week or so. Like "wait a minute, this is going to KEEP happening?!" It's a big transition! Hopefully time will improve things. *fingers crossed*
    And I hope the boy feels better soon

  3. When my oldest started Kindergarten, I noticed that on Tuesdays she would have stomach aches and not want to go to school. I couldn't understand it, because she usually really liked school. It wasn't until the teacher conference that the mystery was solved. Tuesdays were journal writing days, and she was making herself sick with worry because she didn't know how to spell and was afraid of writing in her journal. No matter what I said nothing seemed to ease her worries, even when "coaching" her on what to write on Tuesday mornings on the way to school. Enter a good friend of mine, who is also a teacher (at a different school). She was able to say all of the right things...even if I said them FIRST!! So, hang in could be something easy, but a crying child ALWAYS makes it harder!! :D

  4. Aw, that must be so hard on both of you! :(

    Hopefully she adjusts soon, but if it's really not working out I don't think there's anything wrong with pulling her out. Not all kids are ready for school the September they're eligible for JK, especially if they're on the younger side. My eldest was much happier in a preschool the year he could have done JK, and my second son was totally ready for school at the same age. Every child is different.

    Obviously I hope it all works itself out for you soon, just thought I'd offer a different perspective.

  5. Do you ever wish you could go to school and watch them from behind a two-way mirror? I don't know if it would help or make it worse to really see what they do while they are there! I am curious though!

  6. The joy of having too kids. Sigh. Well, I was a crier. I was scared to go to school when I was in Kindergarten. I remember it. Hopefully, it's just a phase and she'll grow out of it. I can understand how that would be tough though. Plus your son vomiting doesn't help. LOL.

    I am due in February, so I'll be in your shoes soon! I just have my 2 year old...for now...