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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Life is always changing. The only constant is change. I can fight it all I want, and I used to fight it hard and dirty, but it happens all the same. The change you want. The change you longed for. The change you dread.

One day I held out my hand to change and said let's not fight anymore. Now I tolerate it, it tolerates me. I try to guide it, it lets me keep my illusions of control. Sometimes.

The heavy rain and the cool weather tonight has reminded me that change is coming. Change is happening. Some of it thrills me, like watching the girl pull on her big backpack so she can dance around the house in preparation for her first day of school. Her new shoes already worn in with trips to the park and runs down the sidewalk. I laugh when I see the boy put on that same bright pink backpack and I marvel that one day, soon enough, it will be his turn too.

You can't outrun change. Change is coming. Change is happening. The good. The bad. Sometimes I wonder if it is already here and I didn't even know it. 


  1. I have had a tenuous relationship with change. But now, I'm discovering it's not so bad. In moderation, anyway.

  2. I need to embrace this philosophy. I'm not at all comfortable with change.