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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Welcoming committee

I wasn't sure how things were going to go when the boy woke up from his nap shortly before two pm. I was expecting the babysitter to arrive any minute and worried that my quick departure would startle a still sleepy boy. Guess whose coming over? I finally said to him while he sat on my lap. Before I could answer the girl happily told him that her old preschool teacher would be coming over to babysit. He didn't say much, just snuggled his head deeper into my shoulder.

At five after two I thought I had better prepare him again. She's going to be here soon I said. Should we go to the front window and watch? Without answering he climbed off my lap and ran to the front window. Before I made it out of the kitchen I could hear him screaming though the open window Aaaaeee! Jooooo!

His sister soon joined him. They sat perched on the back of the couch, faces pressed against the screen, yelling for a good for ten minutes until she showed up. She was late, but I was amused so I didn't mind.


  1. cute, I am sure she loved the welcome.

  2. Aw.... My kids used to cry when we would leave them with a babysitter, but now they beg us to go out so that they can have one. And they practically push us out the door once the babysitter arrives.

  3. Hope she wasn't TOO late ;) Lately Joel has been telling me that he WANTS the babysitter to come over so that mommy and daddy can have a night out!