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Monday, August 9, 2010

Sitting in Starbucks

Oh baby baby it's a wild world plays over the speakers while I sit at a table in a 7th Avenue Starbucks. A big bag of shopping purchased at a Goodwill store a few blocks away sits in a chair across from me. The bag makes me happy. It is filled with fun finds, including my first pair of ridiculously high heeled black pumps that I fell in love with on sight. I had quickly slipped off my Birkenstocks and teetered around the store with a grin on my face.

We have been walking the streets after a quiet and lazy morning in the hotel room. My first such morning in a long time. These past few days have been filled with everything but rest, and while I have loved them, I am tired.

Tired and ready for nothing more then walking the streets hand in hand with him. Talking and eating and remembering who we are together without our kids.

The last time we were in New York together was almost six years ago. This was before the girl and the boy and us as parents. Back then we spent our time walking the streets and talking and eating. We sat for hours in a Starbucks on the Upper West Side dreaming about all the things we wanted for our future.

And here we are.


  1. Brie this is beautiful. I often think back to days before kids with a sort of longing for those moments when we could just focus on 'us'. I think they are even more meaningful and important now because they happen so infrequently. Treasure them!

  2. This is beautiful to me. I love it. I love the idea of it.

    Great to meet you and thanks for letting me commandeer the plug so I could liveblog!