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Sunday, August 15, 2010


He wore her red ladybug rain coat, the sleeves rolled up, and her hand-me-down yellow rain boots. She wore her too small pink polka dot rain coat and blue buckle shoes. They peddled their bikes across the basketball court in the rain.

She rode her two-wheeled pink bike with training wheels that don't both touch the ground. He sat and pushed his feet to propel his multi-coloured tricycle forward. He can reach the peddles, but he prefers not to try.

I stand and watch them. Feeling tired from the boy's 4:30 am morning risings. Feeling guilty that while I wake, I usually go back to sleep while the husband heads downstairs with the boy. Feeling overwhelmed.

I was thinking about what you said the husband told me. It is all about the moments. I nodded. Waiting for the next moment. 


I can hear the rain outside the bedroom window. I brush her wet hair while she sits in front of me on her bed. The husband discusses pajama options with the boy. I give her kisses once the two French braids are finished and tuck her into bed. I pretend to kiss the boy and he squeals in delight.

Same kids. Same me. Different moment.


  1. those sweet moments totally make up for all the other not so sweet moments ....

  2. Sorry, I must be getting tired. I meant to type *Beautifully written*

  3. Overwhelmed by fatique, I know those moments.
    Overwhelmed with the sweetness...those are the best, yes they are : )lovely.

  4. And a dose of perspective that comes at just the right moment (at least for me :-)