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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Presents in the mail

The package was already in the mailbox when we went to leave the house. I grabbed it before she noticed and threw it behind me as I closed the door. Good thing too, because it proved a useful distraction when we walked back in the front door from the park where I had denied her a bag of chips being sold at the park BBQ.

Look I said your birthday present came in the mail. And the boy's is upstairs. Should we open them.

Yes she said yanking the envelop out of my arms and heading for the stairs.

Sitting on the floor of my room I used a pair of scissors to open first her envelope and then the boy's box. What is it? she asked as she pulled the folded pink material free. It's your new backpack for school I said. It is your birthday present from Poppa Bruce and Mo. Ooo, she said and slipped her arms through the straps.

I helped the boy free his early birthday gift from the box and the wrapping. What is it? I asked him. May-ee he said hugging his favorite book character. The boy loves Maisy. He will always pick a Maisy mouse book over anything else.

The girl wore her backpack most of the afternoon. She even filled it with books. I told her she couldn't take it to the park with her. Even though she wanted to show it off to her friends, she relented. The boy carried Maisy around too, but he wasn't as attached to her as I thought he would be. When I put the doll on his bed at nap time he got irritated. Mine he said as he threw Maisy to the floor and climbed into his bed alone.

There was a discussion about these new gifts at bed time. The girl wanted to sleep with her backpack. We suggested she put in on the floor at the end of her bed, beside her bed, at the top of her bed. We countered with on her bed but at the foot of her bed. Finally we gave in with promises to each other to sneak in later and move it. She fell asleep with it tucked into the corner of the bed and the wall, right by her head for easy reach.

We asked the boy if he wanted to sleep with Maisy. Once again he threw her off his bed and onto the floor. Poor Maisy.


  1. That Maisy is clearly moving in on his turf. It's so lucky that he's not standing idly by as it happens. ;)

  2. I find they get more possessive as they get older ... though it is good that Maisy has a healthy self esteem!

  3. Hahahaha. A backpack-loving little girl and a self-assertive Maisey-loving little boy.

    This is one of the cutest things I've read in ages.

  4. haha! This is such a perfect slice of life! (and we have totally given up on keeping stuff out of Stella's bed ... she has stuff piled up around her everything night!)