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Sunday, August 1, 2010


I'm not always polite. I try. But sometimes I am curt, withdrawn, unintentionally rude.

Here's the thing. It's not you, it's me. Really.

There are days, afternoons, moments when I just don't have any more energy to be polite. The politeness is all gone, spilled out of me in gushes or spurts. Some of the reasons may be obvious, some you probably can't see.

I'm tired.
I'm exhausted.
I went to bed too late.
I got up too early.
The kids have been whining and yelling at me all day.
I have been whining and yelled at the kids all day.
I am overwhelmed.
My kids keep running off in different directions.
No one is listening to me.
I am going to scream if I have to clean one more puddle of pee off the floor.
All my requests have become negotiations.
The kids are tired, she won't nap and his nap was short.
It's all I can do to be polite to my own children.
I want to be alone so badly, to sit by myself and not talk.

I do try. You just might not see it that way. All I ask is that you cut me some slack. I promise I will do the same for you.


  1. I worry this is coming. I know there use to be days that I got home from work and after a long day of stressing, being polite, and catering to everyone elses needs, I ended up being snippy and short with hubby. I'm trying to picture this scenario with children in the mix.

    If it helps make you feel better, I gave you the Blogger Buddy Award on my blog. I know you don't really do awards, but you are one of the bloggers I enjoying most. You can see it here:

  2. Somedays it is hard to be polite to the husband at the end of the day, I am just all polited out. What I really find hard is being polite to stragers and new people I meet. That takes it out of me.

  3. I could have written that myself. I've been so grumpy lately especially as we are settling into a new home and I am so off balance. Thanks for putting my life into words right now.

  4. I'm working through my own sleepy-grumpiness to say yes. Just ... yes.

  5. DH often sits down with me at the end of a long day to talk. A lot of days, its a struggle because I just want to be left alone.

  6. So true. There are days where I just want to be alone and the hubs want to know all the deets about my day with the kids. Just thinking about it is exhausting!

  7. I am not always polite either - sone days I feel like I am never polite. I am glad you write this, it's spot on!

  8. polite? ha! days like this one today, you're lucky if i don't bite your head off saying hello!

  9. I like this post, for so many different reasons.