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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


It came about one night while we sat around the dinner table. It had been one of those days. Patience was short. The day had been long. Yet, I was trying. Trying to see the positive, find the silver lining, look on the bright side.

Let's talk about how daddy is awesome I said, feeling thankful for the husband swooping in after work and taking over the care of the kids. I started to sing.

Daddy is so awesome,
awesome, awesome,
Daddy is so awesome

he made dinner, changed the boy's diaper, told the girl a story, let me go hide upstairs.

The song is sung often. We change the name of the person the song is about. We change why they are awesome. The boy and girl both love it when we sing about them, but they also love to sing about each other.

It doesn't always make the day better. The hardness is still there. But it makes me smile. And reminds me how awesome my family is.

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