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Monday, July 5, 2010

This is love

They sit beside each other, squeezed together on the red IKEA chair. Staring straight ahead at the video playing on the computer, they are mesmerized. He leans close towards her and rests his head on her shoulder. Her arm is wrapped around him and it pulls him close.


The husband leaves the room before they are both asleep. Listening over the monitor we hear some shuffles. A few squeaks. Finally there is silence and we assume they are both asleep. Later, the husband peaks in their room on his way to bed. He calls to me to come and look. We find them both asleep in the girl's bed. Her on her stomach and him on his back. The boy must have crawled into the bed and positioned himself next to the wall and his sister. She must have pulled the blanket up over him. And then they fell asleep.


  1. I love reading your lovely descriptions of the sweetness of little ones and those tiny special moments of family life. It is so touching and you do it so well: )

  2. We catch our two snuggled up together, too, while watching TV or reading books together. So cute. Nice to see they actually like each other.

  3. I needed this. -sigh- Mine are both screaming over the monitor, not wanting to go down for a nap.

  4. This is so precious. Those little moments are just the best.