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Monday, July 26, 2010


I didn't know what to wear. I didn't know how to dress the kids. Finally I picked a black and white checked long sleeve shirt with beige shorts for the boy. A black t-shirt with a cream silk skirt covered in black and pink kitties for the girl. I put on a blue sleeveless top and black shrug with my grey yoga capris. The husband wore a long sleeve grey shirt and black pants. I hoped for the best.

The garden was lush. The green of the grass and the plants provided a beautiful backdrop, when the kids stood still enough for a photograph to be snapped. We tried to sit in front of the painted wooden fence on a homemade quilt. The girl preferred to run around. The boy preferred to jump on me.

We asked the girl to sit, to stand, to stay still. All the things she didn't want to do. I get it. I don't like to be told what to do either. Sometimes she relented, sometimes she refused. By the end she sat on the stairs in a park near the canal with her arms crossed and a grimace on her face. I want to go home she said.

And we were done.

Amy was excellent. She worked her magic, including the bubbles that can be credited with getting the boy off the ground were he was hunched over crying. She was patient with the kids. She understood. I was more worried then she was that she wouldn't get a good shoot. Then I reminded myself she was a professional and knew what she was doing. And that she could probably take better photos than I could with her eyes closed.

Thank you for the photo shoot Amy. It was a stoke of luck (and Lara's bidding) that helped me win the photo shoot at Vicky's preschool fundraiser. I am happy we fit it in before your move to Columbia. But also sad for everyone in Ottawa that hasn't yet hasn't yet had a photo shoot with you.

I don't usually post photos here, but I have a feeling some of these will be good so I may have to share. If only to show off how cute my kids are.


  1. They are very cute!And I can't wait to see what Amy got. Also - I am crushed she won't be around to book a session with this Fall ;)

  2. Goodness - this sounds exactly like our photo shoot a couple months ago. What we thought would be easy as a gift for the grandmothers ended up being extremely stressful for myself! Glad to hear it's not only my kids ;) I do look back at the photos now and know I will miss this phase one day!

  3. Oh mate I would LOVE to see some pics. I bet they look fantastic. Did she get any shots of the grimacing girl?

  4. i've already talked of my crazy stalking love of amy's photography. so i will relent. i really hope you post some pics! i'd love to see them.