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Friday, July 16, 2010


When I write I call myself mom, but never when I speak. When I talk about myself out loud, I am always mum. On the page it looks like I am all apple pie and Fourth of July fireworks, but when I speak it sounds like I am crumpets and rides on the Underground.

The kids call me mama. Like they should we wearing matching uniforms and holding hands with Madeline while they walk the streets of Paris behind Miss Clavel.

It feels, somehow, like a perfect example of being Canadian. A little bit of everything all together.

What do you call yourself? What do your kids call you?


  1. I call myself Mami.

    My kids call me Mami or "MAAAAAAAMAAAAAA!!!!!!!!"

  2. I work tirelessly to keep my daughter calling me Mama. Mommy is starting to creep in and I've even gotten Mom a few times.

    Once, when I was ignoring my husband in Target, he started calling my name in a very stern voice and the kid copied him.

    "KELLY! C'mon!"

  3. I call myself Mama. Margo calls me mama mostly, sometimes mommy (not a huge fan), and once, memorably, "Oh, Mum." in an exasperated sort of way. it was funny. Maude calls me Mama! mama! Mama! mama. Mama. Mama! not sure if tone is clear! she calls me insistently and often.

  4. When my kids call me it's usually something like..."mom, mom, mommy, mom, mommy" :)

  5. i loved it when the jb called me mama. that didn't last very long. i miss it. now i'm mommy. though when i say it, it's more like mummy.

  6. I am Mumma to my kids out loud and in writing. I find it vaguely irritating when I hear people refer to me as Mommy to my kids because I do not really want them calling me that (we also say "duck" instead of "ducky" and "horse" instead of "horsey", etc. in our house).

    Sage is, on rare occasions, calling me Mom these days (which is awesome) but it's almost always an emphatic "Mom", with a sideways glance at me to see if I noticed and how I reacted.

  7. I can't remember Kiernan calling me anything but mommy (said mummy ;) - he pretty started right at that. So far Juliette calls me MAY MAYYYYY and quinn an unexplicable Aya! ;) oh wait - maybe it's lara? hmmm, that just occured to me now... that would be weird!

  8. I call myself Mum or Mumma. However the kids doesn't call me anything! My husband claims he asks for mum when I am not home, but he has yet to say it to me.

    I always write Mom, because it is the social norm. Kinda sad.

  9. It's all mama over here. Although lately my 5-year-old has started calling me 'mother'. She thinks it sounds fancy, I think it sounds kind of obnoxious.

  10. My stepson Tim calls me Eden, so Rocco sometimes calls me that too. Although he usually just calls me motherf*cker.

    (Ok I'm joking, but I'm sure he will one day)

    Max doesn't call me mummy anymore, just mum. When I fart he calls me MUUUUUUUM.

    I is a real charmer.


    PS. Umm, not long before the small conference we're going to. YIKERS!!!

  11. mine call me mum or mummy. :D

  12. My kids call me just about every variation of Mom out there. But just recently, Mieka has started saying Mommm-EEE, with a huge emphasis on the last syllable. I think it's adorable. She calls me from her crib in the morning. I love it.