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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Music class - take two

We went back. This time he cried less, spent only a brief time in the hall and let me sit on the floor with him on my lap. He panicked once the guitar was strummed and the singing started but I managed to convince him to sit on the piano stool in the corner of the room instead of leaving the room. It was an improvement.

The girl decided she liked the music class less this week then last week. She gave me some helpless looks, reminding me of a kitten whose tail has just been stepped on. I could tell she wanted to like it but she was a little too unsure. So she went to sit with her brother on the piano stool and there they were as happy as a pair of monkeys in a tree.

They watched the music teacher, they watched me and the watched the only other little kid in the class. The teacher valiantly kept singing while the other little girl, her mother and I marched around in a circle. I felt kind of stupid but I kept a smile plastered to my face in the hope of convincing either of my kids to come and join me.

They did get off the piano stool once the magic bag of instruments appeared. They both grabbed some shakers and bells and started heading back towards the piano stool. Then the girl realized that the instruments sounded better if she danced with them. I put the cuff of bells around her wrist, and then her ankle, and she danced in a big circle. The boy wanted a cuff of bells too, of coarse. Together they danced around the outside of our circle while the teacher sang brow-eyed girl. I watched them and listened to see if I could hear the sound of the bells around their ankles jingling over the singing.


  1. Definitely sounds like an improvement :)
    At music class #2 this week I spent most of the time trying to keep Quinn out of the dvd display case in the corner because apparently nothing is more interesting at music class than opening a cabinet, not even the music ;)

  2. Glad to hear they seem to be slowly warming up to music class. Hope it continues to improve and they enjoy it.

  3. I have so been that mom, marching in a circle while my kid(s) refused to participate. Fun times, fun times.