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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Suddenly my girl was replaced by a fish. It must have happened just as she dipped her toe into the wading pool on Monday, because how else can I explain her new found love of water. After all, this is the girl that wouldn't get in the pool for her swimming lessons and only walked around the edges of the wading pool last summer. She was cautious and skeptical of the water. Until she became a fish that is.

Now she lies on her stomach in the water, using her hands to walk herself around the pool. She holds onto a flutter board and jumps forward until she splats back down into the water. She splashes her friends and herself with big waves of water until her two blond pigtails are wet. She runs for the pool as soon as we arrive at the park and she stays there until we leave. My fish.

It didn't hit me until yesterday just how much things have changed. We stumbled upon a birthday party at the park and the mom of the birthday girl kindly gave us a cupcake. The boy took a quick bite but then ignored it in favour of an apple juice box. Juice is more of a rarity to him then cupcakes so I kind of understood that. I lifted up the cupcake and showed it to the girl when she caught my eye from her position in the pool. She came out to take a look, but then spurned it in order to swim some more. I was in shock. And a little disconcerted.

It was actually a bit reassuring later when she ran out of the pool, came over to me and took a bite of the cupcake and then tore back to the pool. Whew. There is still some of my girl inside that fish.


  1. Isn't it funny how they suddenly make these decisions for themselves.
    My water baby middle daughter was a whale for years.

  2. It's funny because my toddler is like that....he screamed all last summer when we tried to get him into the pool...this year we can't keep him out. When he wakes it's, "can we go swimming?" and when he goes to bed it's "Can we go swimming tomorrow?" :0)
    I blame the water birth! ;0)

  3. I'm impressed that you left the twice-rejected cupcake for the kids to eat later. I'm not sure I would have done that. I don't have that kind of self-control around cupcakes.

  4. Oh how I hope my son makes that switch one day. I'll try to be patient and not push...but I so want him to know how to swim. So glad that this is happened for the girl!