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Friday, July 2, 2010


The husband and I are trying to herd the kids into the house but they are ignoring us. Instead, they have both climbed into the front seat of the small blue car. The boy sits in the driver's seat, clutching the wheel with two hands and trying as hard as he can to turn it. The girl sits in the passenger seat beside him, busy trying to persuade him to trade seats with her.

The car seats have been unloaded from the backseat and still they ignore us. Happy to let us drone on in the background, nothing can distract them from the novelty of the car. It is better then any toy.

We don't own a car. Our parking space sits empty except for visits from grandma and friends. We do belong to a local car sharing service, and that explains the car out front. We booked it to drive to our friends' house for a wonderful dinner, but now it must be returned.

Pulling out of the driveway I see the boy struggling to escape from the husband's arms. Tears run down his face. He yells his own version of bring back the car! If he knew any, I think he would have thrown in some profanity. Such is his love of cars.


  1. We'll have to go for some drives this summer ;) We may even be installing a second car seat in the way back for awhile.

  2. You will have to book that car for a dinner at my house some weekend in August :)

  3. We have a car. Two of them, in fact. And this scene still repeats itself EVERY SINGLE TIME we get home. I have to wrestle my toddler out of the driver's seat. His favourite is turning on the hazards and messing with the climate controls, and he complains bitterly when I close the garage door and bar him from his best playground.