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Friday, July 30, 2010

Dancing with perfection

I hate you. I love you.
Badly I wanted to attain you.
Make you mine. But no more.
I have stopped now. Most days.
Sometimes I forget and covet you.
Blinded by desire to be perfect.
But you aren't good for me.
You make me unhappy with myself.
Like I'm not ever good enough.
So I am walking away. Again.
But I will probably be back.

This is post was written for six word fridays hosted by Making Things Up.


  1. Perfection is a wicked mistress!

  2. Walk away! Walk away! Stay away! :)
    Perfection is a stressfully impossible ideal...

  3. Love that you are participating! And my friend, this I know only too well.

  4. That's tough dancing, but it's dancing.
    The right partner will come along.


  5. I think the quest for perfection emits some kind of gravitational that keeps us firmly in its orbit. No matter how hard and fast we run, the force is strong!

  6. i like the way you describe it...dancing with perfection.