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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Another year we've been together
Three-hundred and sixty five days more
I'm not sure what I can say that I haven't already
I can tell you that I love you
But you already know that
I can tell you that I am glad we are doing this
All of this
But you already know that too
I can say I'm glad we've made it this far
Here's to ten more


  1. Congratulations on TEN! That is a significant one.

  2. Oh congrats. Really it's so super that we've found our perfect partners isn't it?

  3. Yay! It will be our 7th wedding anniversary on the 28th, and 14 years together!
    Here's to great hubbies and long lasting, happy marriages!

  4. Congratulations! Hope you are able to get out to celebrate.

  5. Congrats! Happy Anniversary! We've been together 11 years, and 6th anniversary is in September. It goes by so fast doesn't it!

  6. Happy ten! Here's to tens and tens and tens more. :)