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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I wish you could just tell me exactly what is wrong. Are you really this upset because I took your shoes off? The shoes that are still slightly damp from the park yesterday and that have little specks of sand clinging to them. The shoes that would be horribly uncomfortable to sleep in. The shoes that I took off of you while you were sleeping, or so I thought, in the stroller so that I could carry you upstairs and put you in your bed for your nap.

Really? All this because of your shoes?

It must be your shoes because that is the only word I recognized in between all your crying and yelling. Could you just stop all of that and say to me look mom, I really want to wear those shoes. I am tired and I was comfortable wearing them and I want them back. Instead you scream shoes! at me while tears stream down your face.

Maybe I should have just given you the shoes. Let you bring the sand into your bed. I thought you wouldn't be able to sleep with them on. But then you weren't really sleeping anyway.

I'm sorry that you cried so much. That you became so upset that you couldn't fall asleep. That nothing I did comforted you. I'm sorry that I kept having to leave the room, but the sounds you were making and my own frustrations sometimes made it necessary for me to walk away. I am not used to this, these tantrums that have suddenly started and are appearing with greater frequency. This never happened with your sister. She always had the words to say what she wanted. Sometimes I wish you did too.

I am glad that you finally fell asleep in your sister's bed. Let's try again tomorrow shall we. And this time I will let you wear your shoes.


  1. Oooh! I felt for you. And for little tantrum man.

    I have this joke with Baby. When she starts crying and I haven't a clue what she wants, I just look her straight in the eye and ask her to calmly explain to me what it is she wants, because if she just tells me, then we can rationally resolve the matter in a mutually satisfactory fashion.

    Usually she just keeps crying and then I run through the list of things to calm her (are you hungry, dirty, tired, bored etc...?). Though sometimes she looks at me like she's trying to figure out what the heck I'm talking about. In either event, it gives me this wierd momentary sense of control :)

    That said, she can't really respond back in any other way yet... That's still coming. And, I haven't successfully managed to keep shoes on her yet either (so I'm kind of excited for a stage where they maybe cry to have them removed...).

  2. Sounds like everyone is experience the tantrum rage these past couple of weeks. Who knows what's going on!

  3. Unfortunately, I am right there with you! My 2 yo boy suffers the same lack of communication skills..although his vocabulary is coming along and he is able to let me know what he wants most of the time! Thankfully, I've been through this before, my 1st born didn't start "speaking" until she was almost 3...which I later found out was due to poor hearing and she should have had tubes put in waaay before she was 4 which is when we had them put in, buy I digress...back to my boy. I have figured out that when we are somewhere, and he falls asleep, and we leave, and he wakes up back home....he is NOT HAPPY! So maybe, and this is pure speculation on my part, it wasn't about the shoes but more about what the shoes represented?? Anyway...sorry I've been soooo absent lately!! Earthquake?? Scary! Anniversary...CONGRATS how fun to go away for a little while!! :D Music classes? FUN! My son HATES when someone sings..he just yells, "NO!" and then "Shhhhh!!" HA! Could it be my singing??