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Monday, June 28, 2010

Stuffed friends

We have a bucket full of dolls and stuffed animals in our living room. Rabbits, bears, babies.The bucket is often overflowing, and yet the kids rarely play with any of them. They could care less they are even there. The ones they actually like are usually lying somewhere on the floor, thrown down when we have called them to dinner or headed out the door.

The favorites of both kids are, to my surprise, the five stuffed figures of the Backyardigans So much for my attempts to resist consumerism. But really I don't mind, because the Backyardigans are my favorites too.

The first video the girl ever watched around the age of one and a half was a DVD of Backyardigan episodes that a friend of her grandma lent us. She was hooked and so was I. The next Christmas a couple of Backyardigans made it into her stocking (thanks again to Grandma). One by one we collected them all until the day when she could walk around with all five tucked into a doll stroller.

The boy is just as devoted as his sister. At his last doctor's appointment he clutched Tasha against his naked body while I waited for him to be weighed. His stuffed friend didn't lessen his tears but I like to think he was still being comforted.

Maybe the best part about the Backyardigans is that there are five of them. Which means there is slightly less fighting then one would expect.


  1. I like backyardigans too...I'll take backyardigans any day over Dora. Unfortunately my girl doesn't feel the same way.

  2. Oh how I love the Backyardigans. Sadly, my son is not such a fan. Perhaps in time, the youngest will be just so I can watch too!

  3. I love them too! But my kids have pretty much outgrown them now :(