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Monday, June 14, 2010


I whispered it. Like it was a dirty little secret. Like it was something to be ashamed of. Something no one else should know.

I whispered it as I stood next to my friend watching our kids climb the play structure at the girl's preschool. And she turned to me and laughed.

Her laugh was one of understanding. She didn't mock me for worrying that maybe I am doing something wrong because she is sometimes so bossy with other kids and she can be so shrieky and she just doesn't understand she can't make other kids do what she wants them to do and I worry kids won't want to play with her and is it because of me?

Her laugh made me smile. She told me me too. She freed me from my secret.


  1. I have that same secret. Oh, the shrieking!

  2. I'm the same way. Thanks for sharing.

  3. *whisper* i'm afraid i've turned my son into a shrieky, temper tantrum prone, spoiled brat.

  4. Friends like that are invaluable, esp when it comes tp parenting!

  5. My daughter is very bossy, too. Sometimes it worries me, but then I think I'd rather her be a bit loud and bossy than be quiet and timid and unsure. Sounds like you have a great friend there too! :-)

  6. My son is the bossy one (and stubborn! OMG!). My daughter sometimes goes off and pouts when others don't do what she wants, yet sometimes she seems too... I don't know... malleable? And she also seems to cry very easily.

    I too worry she won't fit in, but I also know that pretty much every kid finds at least one good friend, even if they don't become a pack leader.