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Friday, June 18, 2010

Me! Not you!

He's not going she says pointing to her brother. Only I'm going.

The same conversation over and over.

You're not coming to the lemonade party! she tells him. Only three and four year olds get to go.

You can't come to the birthday party! she informs him. You are too sick and only I'm going.

You aren't coming to the market! she shares with him. Me and mommy are going.

Every time she says these things to him he responds with cries of frustration. Sometimes tears. He wants to go too. So badly.

It's hard to be a little brother. It's hard to have a big sister that gets to do things that you don't get to do.

It's hard to be a big sister. It's hard figuring out what it means to be big.

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  1. This happens in our household, too, though less and less as Jamie gets a bit older.

    Of course, the flipside of it is "how come Jamie gets a piggy-back ride, but I don't?" Every now and then it comes in handy to be the younger, smaller one.