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Saturday, May 15, 2010


The boy has been weaned.

It happened through a combination of seizing the opportunities presented and being ready to wean. Me being ready.

After having the boy throw up on my chest three times while in the middle of nursing I decided to stop until the he was no longer horribly sick. This was a purely selfish decision. I didn't want to keep washing throw up off my bra. But saying no to him during this time made me think that it would be nice to say no period. The idea of actually weaning him, not just talking about it, was planted in my head.

Once he was better I said yes to most of his requests to nurse. But I also occasionally said no and offered him the option of a bottle of milk instead. He was uninterested in the bottle at first. I mean, why have cow milk when you can have breastmilk for free. But offering it to him got him used to holding it and playing with it and slowly he started to accepted it.

While we were in Montreal I only nursed him one night. He was overtired and wasn't happy to just lie down next to his dad and fall asleep. We hadn't brought a bottle with us or maybe I would have tried that. I nursed him again Monday night after we were back. And that was that. We were done.

He hasn't asked nurse since Tuesday. No more head tilts.

Now he climbs into bed with his bottle of milk and drinks it happily. Sometimes he passes it to me as I lie next to him at nap time, and then he snatches it back. Thursday night when the husband and I were out the babysitter watched as the girl lay next to her brother in bed holding his bottle for him while he drank it. Then she cuddled him while he fell asleep.

I don't feel sad. I feel a bit guilty that I don't feel sad but I was done. The boy is twenty months old now and I had breastfeed longer than I did with the girl. Even though this is it, no more babies and more more breastfeeding, I don't feel sad.

I'm ready for whatever comes next.


  1. My daughter weaned, potty trained and started sleeping through the night all at the same time, 30 months. She was a terrible teether (I understand why mothers used to drug their kids) and she just couldn't deal with any real independence until she was done popping molars. Within 6 months she was a totally different child. The speed of the change made me a little misty, but the sleeping made up for all that.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful experience overall. It's great that you were able to nurse for so long, and it's always exciting to move on to the next stage!

  3. I'm right there with you, my daughter however has other ideas...

  4. I'm with Finola on this... glad you're looking forward to the next stage.

  5. 20 months is a long time. It's nice when things run their course naturally and nobody has to feel sad about it coming to an end.

  6. I'm glad you're not sad, actually. I'm going to admit that I was also happy to be done after weaning my daughter. I absolutely believe in breastfeeding, and I consider myself a breastfeeding advocate, but I don't always love breastfeeding. And I think that's fine. It's just another example of balancing our needs and our children's needs in parenting.

  7. We stopped at 20 months too. I think Biscuit could have gone a bit longer but he wasn't too upset either when we started offering him a bottle instead.

    He still loves to pull the neck of my shirt out and yell BOOBS! all excitedly though...

  8. That is how it happened with L too - and same age. She eventually asked for it less and less, and I was okay with that. One day I realized it had been a couple days since she asked, and I wasn't even engorged . . . it seemed like a perfect time for both of us. So glad it has worked out well for both of you!

  9. Change is so bittersweet.
    Awesome that you are ready for the next great thing :)

  10. So glad to hear as I approach doing the same with my son. He's 15 months. I have to go to Vancouver for a week of work in June so that is when it will have to happen. I thought it would happen when I came back to to work, but I've enjoyed the special time just with him at night so we've continued. I'm ready now though, but I'm worried I'll come back and he'll naturally ask. I just can't say no. At least, I don't think I can. We'll see.