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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


They smile at me as we walk by. Women swinging their lunch bags on their way to work. Men drinking coffee. Runners headed for the canal. Couples that peak into the stroller to look at my children and then share a look with each other.

Some days I want to stop them before they smile. Explain to them that yes, my children are adorable but wait, there is more. That one says no to everything I ask her. He refuses to put on his coat. I just spent twenty minutes trying to get them out the door. And this is a good day.

I want to tell those people that smile at my children that they sometimes drive me crazy! I want to explain that beyond their angelic looks are two strong willed little people with thought, wants and needs that often don't correspond with my own.

But then I think they probably already know that. If they don't they will soon learn.

So I let them smile at us. I smile back.


  1. Ever since I've had children, I've become one of these smiling folks too! (I couldn't have cared less before while my colleagues would swoon over the baby brought into work by a mat-leave colleague.) Which is funny, isn't it, since only as a parent I could really be aware of how challenging kids can be at times!

  2. This post made me smile. A knowing smile, that understands exactly what you mean.

    And like coffeewithjulie, I never really smiled at children before having my own either!

  3. I smile at kids more now that I have kids. I always make sure to smile at those mom's who are having a hard time with a screaming baby or toddler. I smile to tell her I know what it's like and she is still a great mom. I smile at the kids cause I also know that when they are good they are the best a mom could ever want.

  4. I'm guilty too, I catch myself smiling at kids too, strangers, passing by because it's just too hard not to.

    I think all parents understand what you are writing.

  5. I with Julie, I can't help but smile too even though I get what you are saying here. I don't know what it is, but they make me think of love and warmth and cuddles. That makes me smile :-)

  6. I have always smiled at young children. Before I had my own I would smile, and I would have completely believed that you had two perfect angels in that stroller that never caused a moment of trouble.

    Now I smile because I know that they are indeed angels, but I also know just how much work is behind it all.