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Monday, May 24, 2010


The scooter is fire engine red. She loved it immediately. So did her brother. They bicker over it often, but while she proclaims her ownership she still lets him ride it.

The day after she opened this beloved gift from Grandma we headed to the local bike store. Before she was allowed to ride it outside of the house she needed a helmet. So did he.

Bundled into the stroller we walked to the store. Once inside the girl clamored to get out and was eager to find her new helmet. The boy stayed in the stroller, awestruck by all the new things around him.

The clerk fitted him for a helmet first. Bright yellow. Once it was picked he kept it on.

It took longer to find her a helmet. I told the lady that her head was large for her age, that she wore hats I had bought for myself. I don't think the clerk believed me. So we had to try lots and lots of helmet before finally moving up to a size large enough to fit.

The clerk placed a pink and purple helmet that screamed I am a girl on top of her head. You'll like this one she said, it's pink. I grimaced. The clerk must have seen me because she added Or you could have a helmet with ladybug. I want ladybugs said the girl. So she got ladybugs.

She loves her helmet almost as much as she loves her scooter. She wears it around the house. She wears it the entire time she is at the park, whether or not she is actually on her scooter.

She loves the ladybugs.


  1. I bet the ladybug helmet is cute! Hana's outgrown her helmet, so we have to go shopping for one for her. Jamie's has red flames--he loves it!

  2. You need to post a picture for this one!

  3. Scooter so fun! We're getting our oldest one for his 4th birthday in a few weeks.