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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


They are born under two different astrological signs, but I ignore all of that. Instead I just have to look around my house to know the elemental power they have.


She is a Leo. A fire sign. This I believe.

Only weeks after she was born our fridge died. The electrical components simply failed and it stopped working. The power was gone.

We bought a new fridge and grumbled about the age of the appliances in the house. A few short weeks later our stove slowly fell apart. First an element would no longer turn on. Then the oven.

We bought a new stove. I joked that she had the power to control electricity and that she decided that she would only bestow it upon new appliances. Her will was done.


He is a Virgo. An earth sign. But to me, despite his dislike of swimming, he is water.

Months after he was born our dishwasher died. It would no longer turn on. Water wouldn't run in or out of it.

We had it fixed and grumbled about everything in the house needing to be replaced. A few months later the washing machine stopped working. The machine wouldn't spin. It wouldn't rinse. It died with a load of half-washed dirty diapers. We tried replacing one part, then another part, and finally both parts.

We spent a lot of money fixing it. I became friendly with the repair man who kept having to stop by. I joked that the boy didn't want to be left out. He wanted to exert his power too. To stake his claim on our lives.

In our small kitchen we have five appliances. Two use water to help us clean. Two use electricity to help us eat. All of those have died within the first six months of the birth of one of our kids. Only the dryer stands unaffected. Who knows how long that will last.

I do know the power of my kids. Maybe they don't really have power over the elements. But they do have raging, blazing, consuming, engulfing, enveloping power over me.


  1. This is phenomenal.

    chills, sister. chills.

  2. If you have a third - and it's an air sign - say goodbye to that dryer! (and your hairdryer too!)

  3. What a weird coincidence!!

  4. Spectacular. Really who would have ever thought to think about this and write it. I love that you did.

  5. Funny, I'm laughing at Emily B.'s comment!

    I like to blame stuff that breaks on my kids too ;)

  6. I always tell my kids that they each have one secret superpower. I think that you've found yours for your kids :).