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Thursday, May 6, 2010


I know it is there but it always catches me by surprise.

When I shut down the open windows on the laptop I see their faces staring back at me. The two of them sitting on the couch beside each other. The Christmas tree behind her right shoulder. One of her legs is drawn up and her smile is stretching across her face. A cautious smile after a laugh. She holds a box of Diego band aids in one hand and a yellow band aid in the other. His expression is one of muddled surprise. The index finger of his left hand plays with his left ear. His right hand rests on his head. He is about to speak. The both stare up beyond the photographer.

It is a funny picture. The expressions are slightly off kilter. And yet somehow this photo does more than just make me smile. It shows me their spirits.


  1. Those really are the best kinds of photos, I think.

  2. my desktop at work is the jellybean sitting the clover field at our friends feeding their bunny. it's the sweetest thing ever.

  3. And mine is of my husband and son on a horse together. Red, chubby cheeks from the baby and a beaming smile from the husband. Can't get better than that.