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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Close your eyes

Close your eyes and you can smell him. His head is nestled under your chin. His hair tickles your nose.

You close your eyes to block out the sights and sounds of the park and the street beside you. You wrap one arm around him and grab hold of the swing with the other. He snuggles deeper into your lap. You push back with your feet and then sail forward. Back and forth you swing together.

Eyes closed so that you can smell the smell of him.


  1. You make it so vivid.

    And wow, you have been posting a lot and I haven't been keeping up. As always, you are an amazing writer.

    Lots of bloggy love for you~

  2. i need to go home and get as much smell of the jellybean as i can as i leave him for a week. gah!

  3. I heard you read that blog tonight and it made me cry. thank you for that.