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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The boys

I hear them as we start our walk across the bridge. Still pushing the stroller I see them across the street calling to us. Calling to the girl. They yell her name as loud as they can and wave to get her attention. I stop and point them out to her. She excitedly calls out their names and waves back to her two three year old friends. Two blond twin boys who love to tell her they love her. One likes to give her kisses and hugs and she gives him hugs and kisses back.

I start to push the stroller again. She finishes eating her bagel and cream cheese.

They keep yelling her name. All the way across the bridge they call to her. They keep their eyes on her. One knells in his stroller to get a better look at her. Even as we turn off to a side street they call her name.


  1. I think those boys have an "I hate girls" phase coming up that will last a few years before you have to worry about them too much. ;)

  2. ok ten years from now you are going to be beating them off with a stick! LOL