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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The time before sleep

He rolls out of my arms where he had been nursing and onto the mattress beside me. I pull the blanket over him as he turns onto his tummy. I rub his back. I listen and wait foer his breathing to deepen.

Maaamaaa he says. Mama. Mmma-mma. Ma-ma. Ma-ma. Ma-ma. Mama!

Chanting the words as if the lyrics to a song he works his way through his ever expanding vocabulary of words.

Da-ie! Da-ie Da-die! Da, da, da, da! Da-ie!

Mai. Mai. Me. Me. Mai me.

Ma-ie. Ma, ma, ma. ma-ie. Ma-ieeeeee!

Over and over and over. Sometimes the words are punctuated with improvised yoga poses. Downward dog. Warrior. Sometimes he stands up and tries to climb the headboard of his bed or walk the length of his mattress.

When I get frustrated I leave the room and then his words turn into cries for me to come back. I do. Or the husband goes and lies beside him. Over and over we repeat that it is time for him to sleep.

But his brain is too busy. He has to make sense of all the things he learnt that day. The new things he saw. The new things he can do. The new things he can say. So he talk and talks and talks. Just like his sister used to do.

Then it stops. All of a sudden the words come to an end. He lays his head down. He sleeps.   


  1. It sounded so funny and cute until I realized he was supposed to be going to sleep! Still cute, but definitely frustrating!

  2. Those night-time shenanigans are not fun. I hope he gets through this stage soon, for you.

  3. I have been there too, and actually this week is seems Thing 3 is very much back into this.

    p.s. I left you an award on my blog :)

  4. Thankfully going to sleep has never been a problem for my children. From a very early age they were very good at it, my youngest started putting himself to sleep by 6 months. However, keeping them that way, that's a whole different story!

  5. Oh my M was totally like that at this age. It was so hard and frustrating and cute all at the same time. I wished it would end and now I find that I had totally forgotten about it until you reminded me :( Now I am sad. He is five and growing up and doesn't need me at bed time anymore. BOOHOO