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Monday, April 26, 2010


She watches them. As soon as they have made their way to the top, she scampers up onto the slide and tries to do it to.

We are all good at something. We just have to figure out what that is.

She braces her feet against the slide and reaches her arms up the sides as high as she can. She pulls and pulls herself up.

I am good at baking cupcakes. I'm not good at knitting.

She loses her footing and she falls. She slips down to the bottom of the slide. She yells for me and cries tears of frustration .

He is good at telling long, complicated stories that keep the kids amused. He isn't good at fixing things around the house.

She wants to be able to do it on her own. She wants me to help her climb to the top. You can do it, I say, you just have to practice. The other kids can do it because they practiced, I tell her.

He is good at dancing. He isn't good at jumping with both feet.

She starts up the slide as I stand talking to another mom. I watch as she climbs and climbs. At the three-quarter mark, the place where it gets too hard and her hands lose their grasp, she keeps going. She has reached the top.

She is good at getting her snowsuit on. She isn't good at climbing up the slide at the park.

She yells for me, her voice full of excitement and pride. I yell too and rush over to congratulate her. You did it! I said. Because I practiced and practiced! she said.

If there is something you want to be good at, practice. Practice and then practice more.

She climbs the slide three times. Each time she is just as excited as the first. You will have to show dad when he gets here I say. I look away, to check on the boy and talk to another mom, and when I look back she is gone. I don't see her anywhere. Then I wonder. I take three steps to the left and catch a glimpse of her blue hat.

Sometimes even with practice, there are things we aren't good at. Always, always you are good at being you.

She is climbing the red spiral slide attached to the big play structure. I start walking towards her and before I make it there she is already calling me. I did it! she yells. You did it! I yell back.


  1. Beautiful and so well expressed. I can picture her, her pride and confidence, her growing. A lovely slice of life.

  2. Loved this! Thanks for a smile at the end of a long day.

  3. Thank you - needed the smile today :)

  4. i'm good at scheduling and organizing people. i am not good at tidying up after myself.

    big slides are a bug accomplishment!

  5. Sometimes we forget what being 'you' is about... even though we're good at it. I think you've inspired a blog post for me.

  6. Such a lovely picture of achievement and encouragement, it really made me smile.