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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kids in the Capital

We are live!

Today we are launching a new blog about parenting in Ottawa. Please welcome Kids in the Capital! We will be posting there everyday about activities we like to do with our kids around the city, as well as fun things to do at home. Some great local bloggers have agreed to blog for Kids in the Capital. If you want to join them just email us at and let us know. You can also email us with ideas or suggestions about topics you think we should blog about.

We had a hard time settling on a name for the blog. Thanks for all your suggestions. We loved Capital Kids, but ultimately felt it was just a little too close to Capital Mom. After much, much discussion we decided to choose Kids in the Capital and we are loving it!

I did promise cupcakes to the person whose name suggestion we picked. Funnily enough, we came up with Kids in the Capital on our own. Since zoom's Capital Kids suggestion was the second choice I am choosing to bestow my dozen cupcakes on her. zoom, let me know if you would like vanilla, chocolate or lemon cupcakes.

Now, everyone, please go and visit Kids in the Capital.


  1. Very excited to be contributing! Can't wait to read!

  2. congrats! can't wait to add it to my blog roll.