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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Bye he says to his friends, waving his little hand back and forth in the air.

Down he says when I pick him up out of his bed after his nap. Walking to the the staircase he rests his head on my shoulder, his body wrapped around mine.

Purple he says pointing to any colour on the quilt covering our laps. When I shake my head no he looks at me and says green? blue?

Please he says when I ask him too, making the sign at the same time as I hand over the pretzels shaped like letters of the alphabet.

Swings he says as he runs across the sand, chasing after his faster sister who will likely pick the exact swing he had wanted.

Eeee he says for cheese and eggs and pee and anything else with a strong e sound.

The words are coming. They are coming quickly and exponentially.


  1. Hearing my girls learn to talk was my absolute favourite part of watching them grow up. Oh, the cuteness!

  2. Yay! it's so much nicer when they can verbalize what they want and exciting to see them learning.

  3. Isn't it exciting!
    then you wonder why you taught them to talk when they will not stop!