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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter candy

The husband opened the brown paper package. He had to use his Swiss army knife to cut through all the tape. Inside was candy. Lots of Easter candy. There were little chocolates wrapped in paper to look like ladybugs and butterflies and there mini Laura Secord chocolate eggs.

The girl ate half of a ladybug. The boy held up one of the yellow packages with the cream filled eggs inside. He wanted that.

The husband opened the package and handed the chocolate to the boy. He took a bite, splitting the candy in two. The cream filling spilled out. The piece in his mouth was spit out into my hand.

What's that the girl asked after her brother had wandered away.

It's chocolate I said.

Can I have it? she asked.

Sure I said.

She looked at the piece in my hand. She picked it up and licked it.

What's this? Is this cheese? she asked, puzzled.

No I laughed. It's candy I said as I reached out my hand and she dropped it into my open palm.


On Sunday morning they each received an Easter basket that had been brought up by grandma the last time she visited. One for him and one for her. The basket was packed with crayons and band aids and hair elastics (for the girl). And little chocolate eggs.

The eggs are being handed out a couple at a time. This afternoon the girl asked for some. I heard the negotiation from the other room. Finally both she and her brother arrived in front of me where I sat on the couch with a bowl of three chocolate eggs each. It appeared that the discussion ended in her favour.

As the boy passed in front of me I asked him if I could have one of his eggs. Would he share with me? Ye-ah he said and picked one from his bowl. Holding it between a finger and his thumb he brought it towards my mouth. Almost there, he snatched it back and laughed. Mine! he said.

I had to laugh too. He had finally learnt to say mine.

I laughed even more when he said he would share with this dad. That chocolate egg made it all the way onto the husband's tongue before being quickly pulled back.

Mine said the boy. Just in case we weren't clear.


  1. Very funny! I may have to try that with my husband. I'm not a good sharer. Of chocolate, anyway!

  2. Ha - too cute! I guess he wouldn't mind sharing any of the cream-filled eggs though! :-)

  3. My son tried chocolate for the first time this weekend too. He was a bit unsure but I think he ultimately decided it wasn't too bad.

  4. There's no turning back now! He's discovered a love of chocolate and the word mine. My kind of boy!

  5. Adorable! I love the part where the girl asked if it was cheese.

  6. Got to love the "mine" fun! My 2yo loves talking to daddy on the phone (he's away at work) and telling him "mine truck, mine Isaiah, mine milk", as if daddy on the phone is planning to steal his stuff, or his brother, lol!

  7. You just reminded me that we have mini-eggs in the cupboard. Lovely post.

  8. Funny! And smart. Not only has he learned to say 'mine', but he's learned to joke. That's awesome.