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Friday, April 23, 2010


Once upon a time there was young girl who loved the earth. She liked to hug the trees and smell the flowers. She wore Birkenstocks and her fiends called her granola. She cared about the world she was inheriting. She even lay awake at night worrying about that hole growing in the ozone. She knew that she needed to help to save the planet. She would do what she could.

This girl turned off the lights when she left the room. She turned off the taps when she brushed her teeth. She didn't eat meat so the rainforest's deforestation could not be blamed on her. She told other people what they should do to help too.

Then life happened to the girl. She saw that sometimes things happened whether she wanted them to or not. She learnt that lots of times she couldn't control the outcome of a situation. She became disillusioned. She stopped trying. And maybe even caring about the earth except for what it could give her.

That girl grew up and stopped thinking about the earth very much. She recycled. She composted. She bought organic food when possible. That was about it.

This girl eventually had a girl of her own. And a boy too. She had two beautiful kids and when she looked at them one day she realized that she wanted them to love the earth like she used to. She wanted them to think that they could help save the planet. She wanted them to know that how they treated the earth was important. She wanted them to believe in the power of their actions.

So she had to start believing again too.


  1. That's a very good point. That you cannot teach someone else to believe something that you yourself do not believe.

    Also, isn't it awesome how your children help you remember your ideals?

  2. I love this. Happy belated Earth Day!

  3. That is what having kids does, it makes you better and it makes you want to make everything else better.
    I wear birkenstocks too.

  4. I hate to think we ever get disallusioned. Think of it more as a journey of beliefs. I once had someone tell me our beliefs, faith and ideals are a journey we walk down, explore, grow with as we live and adapt to our lives. I know it to be true and remind myself frequently.

  5. I love that children, with all of their energy and wide-open minds, can dissolve disenchantment so easily.

  6. This post brought tears to my eyes. It's time to do things differently again. For Theo - for all of us really!